uv2Day available on iPhone

The uv2Day app is now available (for free!!) on iPhone as well as Android smartphones. Enjoy!!



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6 responses to “uv2Day available on iPhone

  1. Graeme Wells

    uv2Day doesn’t seem to be on App Store (NZ) as at 26.02.2016

    • uv2go

      Sorry you are having trouble. I just checked and it is available for me (both on the android store and the iphone app store). However, its no available globally, only in the South Pacific region (a global version will be available soon). Where are you trying to access it from?

      • Graeme Wells

        I thought I could get it on my Mac and transfer to iPhone, but no. Got it OK direct on iPhone App Store. Now the issue seems to be that its not working properly. It indicates ‘Go to Nelson’ (nearest city to us) but when I tap on that I just get the Home screen. I was expecting to get the uv2go info for Nelson??

      • uv2go

        What model phone do you have, and version is the operating system? My recollection is that operating systems before OS9 are not supported.

      • Graeme Wells

        iPhone 5 iOS 9.2.1

  2. uv2go

    Strange. Same as mine, so should be OK. If its still not working, can you please give me a call on 027 8611827 to discuss? Thanks very much.

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