And it’s Goodbye from Him…

Nice farewell from what’s left of the NIWA Lauder staff at the Chatto Creek Pub last week. We’ve achieved a lot, but it’s been a team effort. I’d like to thank all my colleagues there for their support over the last 33 years.

A bit of history. The Changing of the guard in, from ionospheric to stratospheric research.ChangeofGuard

Andrew Matthews, Paul Johnston, Gordon Keys, and Richard McKenzie in front of the dome housing the new Dobson spectrometer for ozone measurement (1991). In the background is the old antenna for the “ISIS” satellite which was involved with the earlier ionospheric measurements.

With close colleague and mentor, Paul Johnton, pointing past Tiger Hill towards Lauder from our home in Alexandra in November 2012.Richard&Paul_SouthlandTimes2_smallGood luck especially to Ben, Mike and Hisako in their efforts to keep the radiation program going at Lauder.


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